A Little Bit More About Us, and Where We Are Headed

Erica Ryan

Posted on January 24 2016

Anyone who knows me, knows I DO NOT like my picture being taken!  I attribute that to disliking my figure after having five kids, and I just don't feel I've aged very well.  As I research more and more about successful business practices, I have discovered that people want to know YOU.  They want to see what you look like, and they just want to feel like they know you. 
With a large amount of anxiety (HUGE, really), I am posting my favorite picture of my husband and I.  I married this amazing man when I was just 17 years old, and now at 38, I am more in love with him than the day we married.  Life has brought us through many things, but this last year has been amazing!  Kevin was laid off February 17, 2015, and has been working with me all year.  We are one of those crazy couples who work together really well, so we have enjoyed brainstorming where we want our company to go.
For this year, we really wanted to focus on just "getting out there".  We made a decision to attend as many shows/expos as possible, and have booked two so far, with two more in the works.  We have created some cool giveaways to hand out to the public, and are working on ways to just let people know about us.
We LOVE interacting with our customers, and we are SO excited to get out and meet some of you in person!  We will be exhibiting at:
1) The Spring Fling Shopping Extravaganza at the Berry Center in Cypress, TX April 2, 2016
2) The Houston Pet Expo at the George R Brown Center April 9-10, 2016
3) (in the works) The 3:16 Fashions4Jesus Runway Show at NRG Stadium, June 3 2016
4) The Bridal Extravaganza at the George R Brown Center July 23-24, 2016
Each show will feature specialized products for that particular industry, and all items will be available online once the show begins! 
This year will be filled with great new products, awesome shows, and many more posts that give you an insight as to "who we are". 

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