Tiger's Claw Chunky Poly Glitter Mix

Tiger's Claw Chunky Poly Glitter Mix

$ 4.99


Our gorgeous new poly glitter is TO DIE FOR!  Perfect for use in making glitter tumblers.

  •  Custom mix with various flake sizes
  •  Polyester (PET) glitter
  •  Solvent & UV resistant
  •  1 ounce bottle/bag
  •  Sold by weight, not volume, so glitter may settle

Photos are taken in sunlight and edited to the best of our ability to show the color as close to the actual glitter as possible.  PLEASE understand that despite our very best efforts, glitter colors may not be exactly as your screen depicts them.  

Due to the fact that glitter is made up of millions of tiny particles, occasional cross-contamination may occur.  We do our BEST to ensure this does not happen, but cannot guarantee you may not find a stray particle.  In the event that you do find a stray particle, please remove it, as we do not offer exchanges or refunds for a stray piece of glitter.  Again, we do EVERYTHING possible to ensure this does not occur, but it CAN happen.

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