Most people are curious about the difference between rhinestones and spangles, so there are a few key differences that we'll explain here.  

Rhinestones have been around for a LONG time.  They sparkle like nobody's business, and sports moms everywhere like to wear them to support their kids. Rhinestones are FABULOUS, and we absolutely LOVE them, but they tend to be a little heavy if your garment has a lot of stones.  They aren't as comfortable to wear on things such as sleepwear because they are raised, or domed, and can rub a bit much.  Rhinestones also have lead in the adhesive.

The small bit of lead found in rhinestones is generally not an issue, but it's a non-no for kids' clothes!  Rhinestones are not recommended for use on garments for children under the age of 12.  

Enter spangles!  These GORGEOUS little bits of holographic heaven give you AMAZING sparkle, without the weight, lead, and scratchiness of rhinestones!  Spangles are holographic, so when the sunlight hits them, the beauty is mind-boggling.  The sparkle is like no other, and we find that most people that see spangles in person actually prefer them over rhinestones.

Now, you can choose what works best for you!  We have two commercial rhinestone setting machines and one commercial spangle machine, so we can fill you order EXACTLY how you want it.  Just know that EITHER bling option is AMAZING, and you will be blown away by the quality and look of ALL our transfers!

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