Rhinestones V. Spangles

Many people ask what the difference is between spangles and rhinestones, so we wanted to break it down for you. 



  • Spangles are FLAT; rhinestones are raised, or "domed". 
  • Rhinestones contain very small amounts of lead in their adhesive, so they are NOT safe for baby clothes; spangles ARE safe for baby clothes!
  • Depending on how many stones are in your design, rhinestones can add a little weight to your garment; spangles are not going to add weight.
  • Spangles are comfortable to sleep in because they are soft and flat; rhinestones aren't suitable for sleepwear because they don't lay flat.
  • Rhinestones sparkle when the light hits them; spangles take on a "rainbow" type sparkle when the light hits them - GORGEOUS!

Choosing spangles or rhinestones is entirely up to you.  BOTH are gorgeous, and will get you many compliments, however, we have found that since spangles are newer to the market, the "wow" factor is just greater with spangles!

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